Our mission is simple: To provide unwholesome entertainment to all RPG players. We want you to enjoy role playing games, not to suffer from nightmares caused by them. Too many games have become so serious and epic in scope that they lose that silly element that attracted us to the games in the first place. If we want misery and heart rending drama we can always watch a damned soap opera.

Role playing is not about that. At least not to us. We want it to be a pleasant diversion from our otherwise troubled lives. We want a chance to escape the mundane and enter into worlds of fantasy that make us smile and even occasionally laugh. We like to be the hero in the story, not some pawn to be discarded by great powers. And every once in a while we like to laugh with our friends.

Role playing games were always about having a few good friends get together, maybe get a pizza and some drinks, and roll some dice while telling a story together. It's about using your imagination to conjure up magical tales and glorious adventure.

Now, we will step off our digital soap box...

We hope you enjoy the materials included on this site. All the information on this site is for you to use. If you have any adventure ideas or any other submissions, send them in to us and we will post it on the site. Let's make role playing fun again, folks!

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