Paul & Young Ron Honored



Miami, FL August 26, 2007    By unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, Heretic Cow Publishing Company announces the selection of the Paul & Young Ron morning show on Big 105.9 WBGG-FM as the "Heretic Cow Official Radio Show for All Time."  

"This is indeed a proud moment," says Alex Rodriguez, Founder of Heretic Cow.  "We have bestowed our highest honor on a radio program."  The vote was held at gun point at the Heretic Cow Meeting Barn.  No other board members could be reached for comment.

Heretic Cow Publishing Company is dedicated to creating fictional works that inspire the imagination to conjure up glorious adventures.  Their initial book releases will revolve around their role playing game campaign setting.  The Company believes that games are a chance to escape the mundane and enter into worlds of fantasy that make us smile and even occasionally laugh.  Heretic Cow hopes to release their first publication in the Summer of 2008.


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Louis Guyon


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